Our Goals

The goals and indicators of the company in the field of providing engineering services are:

- Continuous improvement of the quality of engineering consulting services by increasing the level of scientific and technical knowledge of personnel
- Creating suitable employment and improving the competitive environment in the field of engineering services
- Communicating with the university and taking advantage of current knowledge in the field of technical consultations
- Continuous evaluation of technical and quality improvement practical steps in order to match the company's goals and policies
- Active cooperation in holding workshops and scientific conferences related to the company's field of activity
- Effective communication with the employer during the process of providing services to increase the level of satisfaction and compliance with the work

The medium-term goals of the company will be according to the following plans:
- Special attitude to the training of administrative and technical staff of the collection
- Balanced development based on the new needs of the engineering community and employers
- Using collective wisdom and consultation in the company's current plans
- Reaching a high level of productivity
- Attending scientific, technical and professional societies and participating in internal scientific seminars and conferences to improve the level
- Scientific professional activities by presenting research projects and scientific and research articles
- Establishing a system of information exchange and participation in services with similar institutions by maintaining and respecting trustworthiness
- Studies and provision of expert and technical and consulting services

The short-term goals of the group are defined according to the following principles:
- Knowing the construction needs in the company's field of activity based on the demands of employers and current technology
- Providing engineering services according to international and national standards according to the wishes and opinions of employers
- Carrying out projects on time to satisfy employers and modern technology
- Quantitative development while maintaining the quality level of services
- Increasing work efficiency
- Work space development
- Manpower development
- Studies and provision of expert and technical and consulting services

The company's strategy to achieve the goals:
- In order to reach the above goals, the management of the company will move in the following framework
- Movement towards the scientific and economic development of Islamic Iran
- Providing engineering, technical, consulting services at the highest level of quality
- Keeping up with the latest scientific, technical, and instrumental achievements to improve the level of professional activities
- Continuous evaluation and review of progress steps and stages in order to match the goals and policies of the company
- It is hoped by trusting in God and trusting in the power of internal forces and experts and using the most modern technology of the day
Let's play our part in the prosperity and pride of our country.