Our company provides services in civil engineering projects in the field of geotechnics with an emphasis on the quality control issues of executive operations (soil, concrete, bitumen and asphalt), studies and investigation of the substructure for the construction of various technical buildings, control and inspection of welding and metal joints. Assessing the quality and resistance of materials in accordance with valid domestic and foreign standards, as well as providing consulting services in the field of quality improvement in the production of concrete products, has been established in Razavi Khorasan province. Since this company has been able to provide a suitable potential to achieve its goals with the support of the strong experiences of the central core, it is hoped that in the light of the dynamic and powerful planning of the executive institutions and with regard to the realistic and compassionate management of the honorable managers able to realize the bright horizon of our dear country under the shadow of honest efforts of experienced experts and its facilities.

AzmoonKhak  Consulting Engineers Co.